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These days, most of us are addicted to our mobile devices. Now, I am not going to suggest that we need to join a group and confess, but I do recommend that we have a way to use them safely inside our vehicles. KarKraft offers all kinds of ways to hold and operate your devices on the move, while keeping safety and practicality in focus. And since we are dealers for RAM Mount, Jotto-Desk and more, the options are extensive.

Choose from windshield suction cup mounts for GPS devices and mobile phones, backseat headrest setups for tablets, solid and maneuverable laptop mounts for mobile offices, and adhesive based, clamped or threaded options for 2-way radios, cameras and auxiliary equipment. The possibilities are almost endless at KarKraft! All that is needed to turn your vehicle into a NASA workstation! Err... but let's not get carried away. At the very least your daughter will be able to watch Frozen, again, from the comfort of the backseat.

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Jotto Desk | RAM Mounts 


Sample Product Types

Tablet Mounts

iPad Mobile Tablet Mounts

Sturdy, versatile mounts for iPads and mobile tablets that perform.

Solid Construction

Computer Desks for Vehicles | Sanford, NC

Rugged built to allow for a productive, interior work space environment.  


Laptop Mounts for Cars and Trucks

Your mobile devices and computer at your fingertips, on-the-go.

Device Holders

Mobile Device Mounts

Mobile device mounting solutions for any sized cell phone or GPS.

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