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Let's get serious for a minute. You want to change the personality of your ride, huh? Well, one of the best places to start are the rims and tires and KarKraft can certainly help. With top manufacturers like American Racing Wheels, we can transform your average into awesome!

Many will agree that the rims and tires are the soul of your vehicle's visual presentation. Heck, even ugly, ragged out rides look better with a hot set of rims, so just think what a new set will do for yours! You want a low profile, sleek look for your Camaro, we have it. You want to make a dominate statement with your Tundra, we can to it. Or maybe your preference is an understated, minimalistic style for your V-Dub, we got that to. Whatever your taste KarKraft has rims and tires that can bring it out and make your vehicle an attention grabber.

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Bring It All Together


Street Tires Rims | Sanford, NC

Sleek, low profile cruisers that add style to any make and model. 


Off-Road Wheels & Tires | Kar Kraft | Sanford, NC

For off-road enthusiasts or just people who like the style, this combination displays aggressively. 

Cross Over

Tires & Rims | Sanford, NC

Functional on and off-road with a unique flair for adventure and truck culture.


Unique Rims & Tires for Your Vehicle

Stamp a unique automotive identity and make your ride stand out from the crowd.

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