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Short beds, long beds, beds with toolboxes, small truck, large truck, whatever your vehicle has or is, surely you can remember an instance when you said, "This load just isn't going to fit." So you make the decision to haul it anyway with your cargo hanging over the end held intact by a dozen worn out bungee cords. Not a fun time!

Bed extenders are made to eliminate problem loads that normally won't fit into your standard bed compartment, enabling you to lengthen your bed space to the full extent of your open tailgate. It provides an instant way to make your truck bed more versatile. Once installed, awkward loads like motorcycles, latters and 2x4s become more secure and easier to contain.

KarKraft bed extenders are rugged, durable and sturdy and we offer numerous models from quality manufacturers like AMP Research and others. Each proven to be fully adjustable and configurable to fit your truck's make and model.

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Product Benefits

Maximum Length

Long Pickup Bed Extensions

Extend and use every inch of your bed space from cab to tailgate.

Well Engineered

Truck Bed Extender Installation | Sanford, NC

Engineered for quick, practical installation and adjustments.


Truck Bed Extender - Kar Kraft

Carry your gear lower and more securely inside the bed area.


Pickup Truck Bed Extenders

Extenders specifically built for securely hauling motorcycles.

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