Fender Flares, Visors & Trim

Trim that Accents & Protects

Automotive trim serves a number of purposes. For instance let's consider the following:

Fender Flares

Give added protection to your wheel wells and paint, often supply a more robust, aggressive look and help round out your truck's appearance when you decide to sport larger tires.

Bug Shields & Window Visors

Shields and visors help deflect bugs and wind away from your vehicle and are particularly helpful in keeping windshields clear and windows more functional. Not to mention they look awesome! These accessories are quite simple to install and the added benefits are numerous, such as being able to crack your window during a rain storm.

Automotive Trim

We all want our vehicles to look good, right? Ok, maybe not that guy that has "WASH ME" written in his back windshield dust. But for the most of us a sweet ride is important. Trim can take that concept to the next level and KarKraft has a large selection of it. From chrome door handle covers, to rocker panels and stainless steel fender trim, gas cap and tailgate handle covers to eye catching spoilers, we offer it all!

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AMP Research | Husky | Putco | Spyder | WeatherTech | Westin 


Sample Product Types

Window Visors

Automotive Window Visors

Appealing and functional, aerodynamic, plus keeps rain out and lets fresh air in.

Fender Flares

Pickup Truck Fender Flares

Keep dirt and debris from tires in control, plus drive your unique style. 

Hood Shields

Auto Hood Shields | Kar Kraft | Sanford, NC

Protect your hood from bugs, rocks and debris with stylish hood shields. 

Body Trim

Automotive Trim Products | Sanford, NC

Add stylish trim and accent products to make your vehicle stand out.    

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