More Exterior Auto Accessories

KarKraft of Sanford, North Carolina offers and installs a wide variety of exterior truck and car accessories. We offer quality brands and proven products, including the following:

Rocker Panels

Pickup Truck Rocker Panels

Protect your truck exterior from road debris, plus add appeal and style.

Yeti Coolers

Yeti Portable Coolers

Yeti makes some of the nicest, most over-engineered coolers on the market.

Tire Carriers

Pickup Truck Tire Carriers

Strategically placed truck tire carriers for added appeal and accessibility. 

WASP Action Cameras

Mountable Action Cameras

WASP Mountable Action Cameras let you record your most exciting moments. 

Bed Rails

Pickup Truck Bed Rails

Bed rails add personality to any truck and come in many styles and models.


Pickup Truck Winch

A workhorse feature that provides versatile pulling applications when needed.


Pickup Truck Toolboxes

Various styles of pickup truck toolboxes that provide ample storage.

Tailgate Seals

Pickup Truck Tailgate Seal

Keeps dirt, debris and rain out of the bed area for trucks equipped with a cover.

Bed Extenders

Pickup Truck Bed Extenders

Extend your pickup truck's bed to adjust for awkward loads and cargo.

Cargo Lights

Cargo Lights for Pickup Truck Bed

Provide instant, useful lighting to your truck bed's cargo access area.

Roof Racks

Automotive Roof Racks

Flexible storage and placement solutions for your valuables and gear.

Mud Flaps

Automotive Mud Flaps

Protects from stones, mud, tar, and other debris that may cause damage.

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