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Your truck's bed area is a versatile automotive feature that is meant to work for you in an abundance of situations, but that doesn't mean that you should abuse the privilege! Truck bed rugs, liners, and mats from KarKraft are meant to protect your bed area from the riggers of your work environment, helping you maintain the value of your truck longer. You know how much damage can be inflicted by a load of mud encrusted gravel, or a few loose cinder blocks being tossed in by a careless co-worker, or what about old rusty shovels and yard racks sliding around against every curve? Our truck bed protectors form a barrier between whatever carnage your cargo can muster. We offer full coverage liners that even seal off the top sides of the bed and tailgate, to comfortable bed rugs that you can lay on and stare up at stars. At KarKraft you have many options to suit your protective goals and start treat your truck's bed area with the respect it deserves.

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Product Benefits

Weather Sealed

Truck Bed Mat | Sanford, NC

Seal off your truck bed from whatever mother nature throws at it.

Easy to Clean

Pickup Bed Liner | Kar Kraft | Sanford, NC

Quick cleanup after a messy load, dirt and degree is easily swept or sprayed out. 


Truck Bed Liner | Kar Kraft | Sanford, NC

Provides an extra layer of protection from heavy, corse loads that can scratch or dent. 

Comfort & Style

Truck Bed Carpet | Sanford, NC

Softer surfaces and cleaner aesthetics that fit your payload with style.  

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