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We Know What Works

We know what you are thinking. "Wow! KarKraft offers so many accessories, but I can't get them all. So what is the best option for my vehicle? What makes the most sense for my budget? What product is right?"

Hey, don't worry so much! Here at KarKraft our team is ready to assist you in finding the right truck and car accessories that will enhance your automotive lifestyle. Yes, you do have a lot to consider, but one of our technicians will gladly consult you in the direction best suited for your situation.

Say you are looking to purchase a new Tonneau Cover for you pickup. You're not exactly sure if you should go with the Extang brand or the Re-Trax brand. And further more is it better to go for the folding type or just the standard one piece? And what about add-ons like remote control and tailgate sealers, and the choices goes on and on. KarKraft will help you sort through all the madness and assure you get a great return on your investment. We go over what products match your vehicle's specs best, from colors to styles, functionality to fit, we'll lay it all out to help you make an informed decision.

Often a customer will come in with a particular product or brand in mind, but after assessing the vehicle type and style we may determine their is a better option. We feel it is our duty to educate the customer on why a particular brand will help them achieve the desired look for their vehicle. Even if the product we end up selling is at a lesser cost, it's really about passing on value to the customer rather than making a more profitable sell.

So come pick our brain and let us go over the details of your next automotive brainstorm. We can help make your vision a reality.

In-Store Demonstrations

Our showroom is packed full of product displays and demonstrations that allow you to interact with a wide array of truck and car accessories. Like a smooth craft beer or a perfectly-grilled prime rib steak you need to taste it first to experience the flavor. It's kind of like that inside the KarKraft store, just without the need of a napkin. You can experience the construction of an A.R.E. Bed Cap, or see how a Putco Bug Shield operates, or handle and prod the latest YETI Cooler Accessories. You can't do that on the internet!

With such a large quantity of manufacturers, KarKraft wants to make it easy for you to feel confident about your next accessory purchase. We have completed thousands of installations over the past 30 years and have seen the truck and automotive industry transform frequently over time. There are always upgrades and improvements being made. What worked great 15 years ago may not be the best option today, so our showroom is a physical way we can demonstrate the cutting edge products we offer.

Additionally to our showroom we have dozens of project images in our gallery. Say you are interested in Fender Flares, we have actual post-install images of those, plus other accessories like Bed Caps, Tonneau Covers, Window Tint, Rims and Tires, Step Bars, Visors, Grilles, Winches, Lighting and much, much more. Chances are your desired accessory and vehicle type, or one very similar, will be included in the mix. And you might even discover a product you had never considered previously, perhaps something you can't live without!

It's our job at KarKraft to demonstrate and educate our customers about the latest in truck and automotive accessories. Whether it is performing an enlightening manufacturer's demo, or shuffling through actual customer examples, we can accelerate the buying process and have you on your way to achieving your unique vehicle goals.

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