Financing Services

Need Payment Options?

Kar Kraft Automotive offers financing services through multiple companies to help make your new accessories and installments a reality. Interested customers will need to fill out one of our online pre-qualification forms (see links on this page) to determine if they qualify. Certain restrictions apply, but if the proper criteria is met, financing can be available for Kar Kraft Automotive purchases and services.

One tip: We recommend you review the entire form first to collect all of the information needed. Once you do that, filling out the form in entirety will go a lot smoother.

No Interest Period Options Available

Synchrony, Acima, and Koalafi offer different types of financing plans, including some interest free period options. Feel free to explore each company to find the plan that best fits your needs.

Synchrony Pre-Qualification Form

Acima Pre-Qualification Form

Koalafi Pre-Qualification Form

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