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Think about it, what if your truck or car had a luxurious leather interior? You'd be riding in style, right! But maybe you think the look and feel of beautiful leather is out of your price range. After all, that stuff is only for high end European sports cars... WRONG! Enter Katzkin Leather Interior.

Kar Kraft Automotive is a certified installer of Katzkin Leather Seat Covers, but this is so much more than just seat covers. We actually remove your car's original, worn interior and fully cover your seats with awesome, made to fit, Katzkin leather products. There's no sagging or bagging like your grandpa's pull overs. It's custom made and tailored for your vehicle's make and model, and options are nearly endless.

And, oh yea, the price thing. Well, it's much more affordable than your might think. So contact KarKraft Automotive today and inquire about transforming your auto interior to that of luxury!

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Visit the Katzkin website to check out all the options that Kar Kraft can instal in your vehicle.


Sample Product Types

Colors & Textures

Leather Color Texture Options | Kar Kraft Automotive

Select from a wide variety of leather colors & textures.

Stitching & Piping

Stitching Piping | Kar Kraft Automotive

Get that sophisticated leather look with careful construction & design.

Heating & Cooling

Katzkin Heating Cooling | Kar Kraft Automotive

Available, built-in options for heating & cooling your seats.


Interior Embroidery | Kar Kraft Automotive

Personal embroidery & embossing options available.

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Interested in purchasing Automotive Seat Covers? Contact Kar Kraft today by phone, form or email and we will be glad to answer any questions. Or just come by and visit us during regular business hours to browse our selection.

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