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Ok, time to come clean. Your truck's bed area is a living mess isn't it? Tools over here, hardware over there, garbage & debris from last weeks dog house construction project, it's getting out of control. Time for a serious change. Time for a cargo slide or vault!

Optimize that bed space with specifically engineered compartments that slide out for easy access. Manufactured by popular names like Du-Ha, Decked, Bedslide, Weather Guard and more, KarKraft offers a wide array of options to get your mess organized. Cargo slides and vaults are more efficient, more secure, can optimize every bit of space your truck bed has to offer, and are built solid to last.

So go ahead, visualize the joy of never having to dig through that pile of used rags and loose drop cords again just to find your tape measure. Once installed you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

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BedSlide | Decked 

Sample Product Types

Bed Slide

BedSlide Contractor | Kar Kraft | Sanford, NC

An efficient, productive truck bed slide out storage unit built to endure.

Cargo Glide

Cargo Glide | Truck Accessory | Sanford, NC

Easily organize, access and reach the contents of your bed with this glide out accessory.

Pickup Vault

Pickup Vault | Kar Kraft | Sanford, NC

A convenient way to store your equipment, while maintaining adequate bed space.

Decked Storage

Decked Truck Storage | Sanford, NC

Rugged and spacious, Decked Storage units bring order to your truck's bed space.  

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